Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Row of Snowman!

AHHHHH!!! J'ai de la chance! (I'm lucky in French) I log in to Pico today to play on slots and then BAM! on my fifth try I get a row of happy snowman! lol. Now only if this if happen with the pico symbol too..... hmm........

Well now I know how much 5 in a row the snowman gives.... 3125000 credits!!! AKA 31,250 C$ :D

im so happy ! *3*

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving everyone~
have a nice day to my readers and to eat lots of turkey, GRAVY, mash potatoes and... pasta? lol

but have you ever thought of this question.....
why do we eat turkey on thanksgiving day...? o.o


Like what mostly everyone knows! Thanksgiving Day is the day for when the pilgrims and native americans had joined together about two - three centuries ago to have a feast on whatever they want in the middle of november. Thought i'll tell you this...
their table manners werent as good as it was today LOL

well have a happy turkey day :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

happy halloween~

Happy Halloween everyone \\*3*// !!!
i know its 4 days early. lol
Some Tips:
  • Be sure to eat lots of candy with no regrets (look for *1 on the bottom)
  • Dont let something scary scare you or else i'll bake you into a pie
  • Scare everyone else.
  • If theres a bowl of candy on the front porch, take it.
  • DONT steal candy. :) (even if theres pretzels in there)
  • Stay up until midnight.
*1 (except minor cavities that can be fixed with fillings sometimes..) not responsible for broken teeth, etc.